Who uses Erlang for research?

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Who uses Erlang for research?

Matthias Lang

I wanted to update FAQ 1.6: "Who uses Erlang for research (and

A decade or two ago, my uninvolved view of _research_ was "Uppsala,
Chalmers, Kent and Spain, and they all know each other, and then there
are some smaller efforts elsewhere."

Looking at the ICFP 2019, the actual conference has nothing involving
Erlang, but the Erlang workshop has both familiar names and new
faces. Being a workshop, it's about applications, so maybe that's what
a settled-down Erlang is about now.


Is there something major I've missed?

(The 'teaching' part of the FAQ is unfortunate; it turned into an
ad-hoc list of universities where someone mailed me. I intend to chop
the list because it's such a small, arbitrary selection. I expect
Erlang to pop up quite frequently in courses about distributed/concurrent
systems, so just mentioning a few seems misleading.)

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