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Peter J Etheridge
Dear Erlangers,

It might have been after this;

that Ericsson did employ a few technical writers.

I seem to recall that their engagement was not long-term.

No doubt they did their best during their stint.

On 18 June 2018 Anton Larvik of WhatsApp on

at 29:38 requests that Erlang be made,

'more approachable to new users'.

On 25 Jan 2021 on this list we read;

"I urgently need to locate an Erlang programmer in Amsterdam (or is willing to relocate)...." - Richard Pearson.

How timely to read an offer [with humour] from a professional writer with Erlang experience to improve the documentation;

"Happy to collaborate but can only contribute my ignorance." - LRP

Newbies applaud Lloyd's generous offer to work with any Erlang masters willing to collaborate.

Imagine how, if a fraction of the energy and time from Erlang masters on the other thread might have contributed a much-needed example to the documentation. Or, perhaps a link to an example of a functions' use in Github?

Happy coding,