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erlang cpu topology +sct woes

Vans S
I am trying to set the topology appropriately for this particular condition.

I have a dual processor system, and I want to run BEAM on processor 1 (numa node 1), with both physical and hyperthreading threads.
The system topo looks like,  PROC0 0-9, PROC1 10-19, PROC0-THREAD0 20-29, PROC1-THREAD1 30-39.

No matter how I try to set the topo it does not work and erlang fails to start with the error that its invalid.

+sct L10-19T30-39C10-19,30-39P1N1

This should be the topology I am guessing? 10 logical cores, 10 threads, using 20 cores, on physical processor 1, numa node 1.

But it gives the error "bad cpu topology 'L10-19T30-39C10-19,30-39P1N1': invalid identifier range"

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