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mnesia_leveled - experimental new Mnesia backend plugin

Ulf Wiger-2
At Aeternity, we've been using the rocksdb plugin for Mnesia for some time, but apart from porting problems to Windows, we're a bit annoyed at the long compile times.

So we started testing an alternative: leveled [2] is primarily intended as a replacement for LevelDb as a Riak backend, but the mnesia plugin API is sufficiently narrow that it might work there too.

Leveled has the nice property that it's (almost) entirely written in Erlang, so it should be a lot easier to get running on different platforms.

The `mnesia_leveled` [3] plugin is still experimental, but if you want to play around with it and perhaps contribute, it will be much appreciated.

Note: the mnesia_leveled test suite will currently fail on vanilla OTP, but does pass with a patch that is currently pending in a pull request [4]. The failure is only relevant if you intend to use indexing plugins (though of course, why wouldn't you want to?).

Ulf W

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