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multiarch erlang installation

Max Lapshin-2

We in Flussonic have our own hardware video transcoder right now and it is using our erlang-based flussonic on intel  server and on arm nodes.

ARM node mounts nfs root from master server.

Right now I'm changing erlang installation so that we can use same folder from intel and from arm.

It happened that almost all erlang  nifs are ready for this: they are trying to load so from  system_arch subfolder. Looks like I'm not the first for this idea!

However it was a bit tricky to move binary files. Right now I've ended up with loader:

ARCH=`uname -i`
APP=`basename $0`

exec /usr/lib/erlang/bin/${ARCH}-linux-gnu/${APP} $*

Also I have to patch crypto compilation Makefile in runtime:

RUN sed -i'' 's|SSL_LIBDIR = /usr/lib|SSL_LIBDIR = /usr/lib/aarch64-linux-gnu|' lib/crypto/c_src/aarch64-unknown-linux-gnu/Makefile

Has anybody  else done such things?