need help with a DIAMETER test case

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need help with a DIAMETER test case

Andreas Schultz-3
I need some insight with the test case for this change:

 What it is supposed to fix is:

> Two consecutive DIAMETER messages with just the right combination of fragmentation and delay would cause the fragment_timeout to trigger on the wrong fragment and flush it.

The test case fails because the second message is not received back completely. After digging through the code and adding lots of debug output it appears as if gen_tcp does not deliver the pending data in time (within 50ms) after a setopts(Socket, [{active, once}]).

I have left the log messages in place to be able to trace the problem. And they seem to confirm that the tail part of the second message in the test is not being delivered to the transport module. A PCAP shows that is data is send over the wire at the expected moment, so the delay can't be there.
Comparing the timestamps in the PCAP with the timestamps in the log confirms that the first and second part are received. 

At this point I'm not sure whether the transport module is doing something strange or if gen_tcp is not delivering the data in time (or at all).

Many thanks

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