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questions about system events

Xavier Noria
The section "System Messages" of Cesarini & Vinosky explains there are three types of system messages:

    {in, Msg}
    {out, Msg, To, State}

and mentions that the docs up to Erlang 18 also specify

    {in, Msg, From}
    {out, Msg, To}

but they are (were) not used by any standard behaviors.

I have compared this to the current docs ( and see a few things:

* Current docs use the term "system event" rather than "system message". Is that a change in terminology that happened at some point?

* I guess the API has changed since Erlang 18 and {out, Msg, To, State} is no longer documented, there's {out, Msg, To} today. Are you supposed to issue additional calls in order to trace state?

* {in, Msg, From} is still documented, is now used by some standard behavior?

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