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registration process in ejabberd

Abhishek Ranjan-2

Hey everyone,

I am a noob in terms of erlang and ejabberd and I have built a basic application in erlang. Now I saw that ejabberd also allows user to be registered and I also found the table 'users' in which it keeps its users. I also know that there is a register_user hook called from ejabberd_auth_autonomous.erl and spans through mod_metrics,mod_last and mod_shared_roster. But I was only able to track it in logs in case of mod_last.erl. But for the other modules I am not able to figure out the fact that ho exactly the control flows in these modules as soon as a request to register user is made.Anyone any Idea over this? I just want to use this functionality of ejabberd of registering users instead of using my own module.

Thanks in advance.


Abhishek Ranjan.

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