ssh_sftp start_channel function call is getting failed

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ssh_sftp start_channel function call is getting failed


Hi all,

We are running a distributed system with one server node and hundreds of client nodes(the systems are distributed over the intra-net). We have a requirement that all the client nodes will connect to the server node and try to download some file(mostly the same file will be accessed by all client nodes) simultaneously by using sftp.  The steps we follow for downloading the file is:

1. Establish ssh sftp connection between the server node and client node using ssh_sftp:start_channel/2 function call.

2. Then reads the file by doing ssh_sftp:read_file/2 function call.

The problem what we are facing is that when the number of clients are more then it is observed that few client nodes are failing to establish connection between server node. i.e. the ssh_sftp:start_channel/2 function call is failing.

Can somebody please explain me;

1.  Is there any limitation for the number of sftp session what we can establish in a single system ?

2. What are the possible reason because of which the connection request fails ?

3. Is there anything wrong we are doing in this approach ?

4. Is there any better solution by which we can guarantee that all client nodes will be able to connect to server and will be able to download the file.

Observation: We tried to connect 25 client nodes to the server; during the first try only 2 nodes failed to connect and on the second try 5 nodes failed to connect. Why this random behavior ?.

Thanks in advance,
Arun P.

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